Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My favorite interview yet!

This week we interviewed Mireya. She also is a graphic designer @ Phi design. Mireya went to Art Center of Design. Her  degree was in bachelors of fine arts. She says she likes to write on paper instead of a computer, because on paper you can express yourself. She  runs her own business out of her apartment in Brooklyn, New York. She says teachers are important cause they help you in life. She also wanted to be a lawyer, but she found out she wanted to be a graphic designer. However she thinks the computer is a wonderful tool and works for something's you cant do a lot on computer like you can do on paper. Let me explain she's the most interesting person we've interviewed. For example she works really hard at what she does. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This week We interview the co-founder of Educreations!

This week we interviewed Chris Streeter. Chris is a computer scientist and the co-founder of Educreations. Chris went to the University of California, Berkeley. He is interested in Educreations because part of his family was teachers.  His idea for Educreations started while he worked at a computer company, and he and his friend wanted to do something more interesting.  Educreations is a place where anyone can easily create video lessons. He says computer programming is just another language and it helps you learn faster.  I plan on using another language when I become a graphic designer.  In addition, as a graphic designer I will probably have to work with computer programmers.  His community believes that work should be fun. If you were to walk inside his office you wouldn't believe your eyes!  Ping pong tables, basketball courts, fresh food and snacks, comfy furniture, and more!  If I worked there you better believe I'd be hitting 3's all day long.  His advice for the class of 2025 is to try to learn to program computers.  It does not have to be advanced programming, but computers are a part of our lives and  will only get more so. And eventually  every single thing you do will be able to benefit by being able to customize a computer through some sort of programming.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The first person we interviewed in Decatur!

This week we interviewed Samantha who works as a pharmacist at St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur Illinois.  She was good at math and science. That is why she wanted to become a pharmacist. She works at St. Mary's, and she is kinda like a safety officer. Nurse and doctors call her. She picks the right and safe medicine so the patients become healthy again. She needs to remember to stay calm so she doesn't make mistakes.  She went to school at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville to earn her Doctor of Pharmacy which is a graduate degree. She's not only working a St. Mary in the evening, and she gets calls from Effingham and Steeter. And her first job of the day is to check and make sure the medicine that the technicians is correct. Her advice to us was to remember to ask for help when you need it.  She also said that this activity you are doing now with your class is helping you develop a network of people that you can turn to when you have questions about your future or need help with your college applications.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My interview with elizbeth

Elizabeth liked to do art in school she went to IU elizbeth wants to be a counselor instead of a fashion designer. Elizbeth is going back to school to be counselor so she can help people with there drug abuse. Elizbeth is now going to alumni. Elizbeth degree is costume construction technology. Elizbeth designs a lot of stuff for famous people. Elizbeth advice for us was her advice for class of 2025 is to be open-minded. When I begen my first job my undergraduate degree wasn't in communication 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My exciting interview with Myron

Myron grew up building buildings with Legos in his mom basement he grew up in flint,Michigan Myron mom said it wasn't a chose to got college. Myron went to several colleges Myron grew up going to college with his sister Myron didn't like his sister going to college with him. Myron owns two of his own business one of them is a finess trainer and consruction management. Myron moved  to Los Angales so he go somewhere were it was hot because it was cold in Michigan then he moved Brooklyn New York. Myron was the oldest one out sister Myron gave class of 2025 he said decide what you want to do when you grow up then share that with someone you trust finally get support from as many people as possible.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My fantastic interview with Leigh

Leigh grew up on a small farm she lived in North,Carolina Charlotte. She started driving when she was 13 she also doesn't like people bossing her around. She went to three different college she worked at a resteraunt why she was in College. Did you know she went to UNC she was post to be in college for four years but she stayed in college for three years. Leigh was the boss of her family business she always wanted to a boss of herself. Leigh had a hard time at Florida.

My big college goal

I picked Oregon university Oregon is located in Eugene. My college degree is a graphic designer I picked graphic designer because I can learn how to draw better. I choose this college because I can play for their football team the Oregon ducks. I chose the career I chose so I can learn how draw better  then I do now I like to color that's something else that I like about a graphic designer because a graphic can draw an color. And I want to go to Oregon because it has a good degree for something I will like.